What Victor Zagame began at The Albion Charles Hotel in 1971 has become Zagame Corporation – one of the Australian hotel and service industry’s most respected and well known business. From that first hotel to success stories such as Matthew Flinders Hotel, Riversdale Hotel and Skyways International (amongst many others), right up to today’s group of beautiful venues, Zagame’s has grown and improved on Victor’s original ideas with each and every passing year. In fact, it’s not boastful to say that Zagame’s have single-handedly set the standard for many venues of their kind in Australia – and the family is extremely proud of that. The idea was simple: give families top quality food, great service and an atmosphere they would not normally be able to dine in. An alternative to the dark, dingy corner pubs of Victoria’s suburbs. Families have embraced their beautifully appointed venues ever since and imitators continue to appear – but never equal the Zagame style.

Today Zagame’s continues to grow, with new flair and innovations from Victor’s sons: Victor Jnr and Robert Anthony.

Zagame’s hotels are located in Ballarat, Boronia, Berwick, Caulfield and Reservoir, offer attractions that range from sporting lounges with entertainment facilities to beautiful dining rooms and children’s play areas. Expanding now into world class restaurants, with MPD Steakhouse, which brings together the freshest of produce, the best chefs and a dining experience set to impress all. Over the years, Zagame’s Hotels have had much acclaim and success:

Zagame’s Ballarat Hotel – Best Gaming Venue with 51 machines or more (Regional)

Zagame’s Boronia Hotel – Best Family Dining
Zagame’s Ballarat Hotel – Best Pub TAB
Zagame’s Ballarat Hotel – Best Gaming Venue with 51 machines or more (Regional)
Zagame’s Reservoir Hotel – Outstanding Achievement in Training
MPD Steak Kitchen – Best Pub Restaurant
Executive Chef Chris Bonello – Chef of the Year

2019 Australian Hotels Association National Award Winners for Excellence
Zagame’s Ballarat Hotel – Best TAB Licenced Venue
Zagame’s Boronia Hotel – Best Family Dining
Executive Chef Chris Bonello – Chef of the Year

Finally our accommodation venues consist of two very different but unique properties. Zagame’s House located in the heart of historic Carlton, we promise your stay will leave you clamouring for more. Representing a labour of love from hotelier brothers Victor and Robert Zagame. This 97-room hotel showcases the best of modern interior design, luxurious amenities, and sustainable architecture. From the art to the menu, every inch of Zagame’s House is designed to inspire you. With a move into overseas properties and hotels our family is complete with the sophisticated Grand Hotel and Casino in Vanuatu.

The Zagame’s name continues to earn respect and find new audiences, whilst bringing quality service and smiling faces to all it serves. At Zagame’s we like to think that we continue to write history every day – and invite you to become a part of our family’s story.